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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Zygor Guides Review

The ultimate guides of all in World of Warcraft is finally here. It is the Zygor guides. It will get you through level 1 to 80 within a week. Yes, you read it right and I am not joking here. I already tested it and it is possible to get from level 1 to 80 within a week. Now getting from level 1 to 80 within a week won't be a dream anymore. With Zygor guides  you can finish all kind of Quest within the shortest amount of times is possible. 

The best part about Zygor guides is it simple and easy to use. Unlike Quest helper which only show you how to do Quests when you accept it or the others guides which made you have to alt-tab outside and back in the game while you were doing quest it is annoying. Now Zygor Guides is like an add-on build in the games which will teach you step by step from where to go at what level and who to talk to accept Quest, then where you have to go and what to do in order to finish to quest. There is no other guides that can get easier than this.

With Zygor guides no races, no classes will feel left out. The guides work for all classes and all the races unlike some of the guides which only focus on one race or one class.Also player with a character already at a current level you don't need to be worry. Zygor guide is so easy to use to can make it recognizes your character class and level as soon as your log in. Even if sometimes it doesn't recognize your character level there is no need to worry. The build in add on is so easy to use all your need to do is click your mouse and scroll down until you find the place where you belong and start from there. Now even players with a character who is not at level 1 will not feel left out from the guides any more.
Are you worrying about how to put your talents into the talent tree? No problem Zygor guides already solved this problem for you by putting a talent adviser. It will show you how many talent you need to put in there in order to best out your character within that spec. The game had changed completely since the last two weeks and I had experience the feeling which i always have to worry about putting skill into my talent tree. Right now i don't need to worry about that no more because i already got advised from one of the best player in the game advised me through his guides.
That's not all there is also daily guides and event guides in Zygor guides. It is available for both Horde and Alliance so you won't feel left out. Daily guides will guides you through picking 25 fastest and easiest daily in the game to max out your gold and reputation farming rate. The event Zygor guides is also a cool bonus feature which lead you through all the event in the game to get the achievement within the shortest amount of times.
With Zygor guides there wont be worrying about times when you have to level, farming money, reputation and event. Following Zygor guides will give you a huge amount of free time which is for you to use for raiding and instances to farm gears. As an experience player who had spent over 15h/day playing the game i know without the best guide we will waste a lot of time trying to level our character up to the max level, or doing daily for the reputation and gold. There will be little time left for our main purpose of the game raiding. But right now with Zygor guides our times issue won't be a problem anymore.

P/S: for players who concerned about being banned by blizzard for using Zygor Guides. You dont need to worry because Zygor Guides is completely legal it is not treated as a cheat code or hacking program so you won't be banned account by using it